Software for your school

Find out about the following Ministry-funded software for schools and software with discounted Education prices – Adobe, Apple, Google, Microsoft, Sketch-Up Pro, Symantec Antivirus and Turnitin.

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  • Principals and Tumukai
  • Teachers and Kaiako
  • School ICT Specialist
  • Boards
  • Administrators
  • External ICT Providers

The Ministry supports the use of educational software in schools from Apple, Google & Microsoft.


With Adobe Spark or Creative Cloud, students can learn how to communicate digitally using images, videos, websites and animation, in addition to developing applications.


Apple provides applications, 24/7 support, and teaching tools to educators in NZ state and state-integrated schools who purchase technology.


The current Google agreement provides schools with the ability to manage any number of Chromebooks from a cloud-based admin console.


The current Microsoft agreements provides schools with software licenses that include the 365 Office suite, Windows operating system and Skype.

Sketch-Up Pro

SketchUp Pro software is free for state and state-integrated schools and available at a discount to individual or private schools.

Symantec Endpoint Security license

The free antivirus software is available to all state and state-integrated schools. Independent schools can contact Datacom to access pricing options.


Find out how to get Turnitin software for your school, who can use it, product options available and how to get support.

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