Software for your school

Find out about the following Ministry-funded software for schools – Adobe, Apple, Google, Microsoft, Novell, Sketch-Up Pro and Symantec Antivirus.

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  • Principals and Tumukai
  • Teachers and Kaiako
  • School ICT Specialist
  • Boards
  • Administrators
  • External ICT Providers

The Ministry supports the use of educational software in schools from Apple, Google & Microsoft.


With Adobe Spark or Creative Cloud, students can learn how to communicate digitally using images, videos, websites and animation, in addition to developing applications.


Apple provides applications, 24/7 support, and teaching tools to educators in NZ state and state-integrated schools who purchase technology.


The current Google agreement provides schools with the ability to manage any number of Chromebooks from a cloud-based admin console.


The current Microsoft agreements provides schools with software licenses that include the 365 Office suite, Windows operating system and Skype.

Sketch-Up Pro

SketchUp Pro software is free for state and state-integrated schools and available at a discount to individual or private schools.

Symantec Endpoint Security license

The free antivirus software is available to all state and state-integrated schools. Independent schools can contact Datacom to access pricing options.

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