Eligibility in specific cases

Staff who fall under these specific cases are eligible to apply for the cultural leadership allowance.

Specific cases

Staff who have been awarded a Teach NZ sabbatical or study award in 2024

The cultural leadership allowance will be allocated on a permanent basis, so will continue to be payable while the staff member is on approved TeachNZ sabbatical or study award paid leave during 2024.

Staff who hold a role or allowance in the sector that recognises their cultural capabilities

This includes teachers who receive the Māori Immersion Teaching Allowance and/or Pacific Bilingual Immersion Teaching Allowance.

Learning support coordinators or resource teachers

The employing school would need to allocate the cultural leadership allowance to teachers employed in these specific roles who meet the eligibility requirements.

Staff employed as a Limited Authority to Teach (LAT)

LAT staff must be employed on a fixed-term basis of 6 months or more and meet the eligibility requirements.

Teachers already receiving a permanent unit for cultural leadership skills

Permanent units may only cease to be paid on the completion of a specific assignment or task (where this is the purpose they have been assigned), so teachers may concurrently hold a permanent unit for their cultural expertise and apply for the allowance. 

Primary or area school staff member on an IEA

The cultural leadership allowance is provided in the Primary Teachers’ Collective Agreement 2023-2025, Area School Teachers’ Collective Agreement 2023-2025, and equivalent IEAs. Staff employed on IEAs will need to ensure they have signed the most recent equivalent IEA and meet the eligibility requirements to be eligible for this allowance.

Staff not eligible to hold the allowance

Teachers are ineligible for the allowance when:

  • not covered by the PTCA or ASTCA or the equivalent IEA
  • they stop being employed at your school (that is, they resign) or
  • the teacher has been the subject of an adverse outcome following competency or disciplinary processes or
  • with the agreement of the employer, the teacher voluntarily relinquishes the role, or ceases to undertake the duties associated with the allowance. 

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