Joinery and hardware installed in schools

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The school environment can be tough on joinery and hardware, such as door handles, window hinges and door stops. When joinery or hardware breaks, it can be a hazard, which boards are required to manage. The best approach is to buy commercial grade joinery and hardware and keep it well maintained.

Choosing the right joinery and hardware

Joinery and hardware gets a large amount of use in schools. Choose joinery and hardware that is heavy duty or commercial. It often costs more but has long-term benefits, such as:

  • lower maintenance and replacement costs
  • less chance of people using broken handles, hinges or latches to break in
  • fewer health and safety risks, for example, from a skylight falling if a hinge or latch breaks.

Maintaining joinery and hardware

Have a preventative maintenance programme that includes checking the hardware and joinery regularly. This will lengthen the life of the item and will make sure it's safe to use. Check items such as:

  • doors and door handles
  • window hinges
  • skylight hinges and opening systems
  • pins
  • bolts
  • fastenings.

Paying for joinery and hardware

Pay for joinery and hardware in new buildings or alterations out of your project budget, for example, an upgrade project paid for with 5 Year Agreement. 

5YA funding

Pay for maintenance, including replacement joinery and hardware, using your property maintenance grant. 

PMG funding

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