Standard property solutions for schools

Keep updated on our plans for standardising property solutions for schools and access our reference design catalogues for teaching blocks and other parts of school buildings.

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The government has long established targets aimed at providing high-quality learning environments and cost-effective property outcomes. In response, the Ministry introduced Te Rautaki Rawa Kura - The School Property Strategy 2030. This strategy outlines our plan to ensure that all schools have access to quality learning environments within a sustainable property portfolio, ensuring fair outcomes for every child.

One of the key ways we are going to achieve the objectives of this strategy is through standardising our approach to property across the country. This means implementing consistent approaches nationwide, which should bring several benefits to schools:

  • Internal layouts that are effective for teaching and learning.
  • Indoor environments that meet performance standards.
  • Buildings that are designed to adapt to future changes.
  • Buildings that are easier to operate and maintain.
  • Quicker more cost-effective delivery of property projects.
  • Reduced burden for schools in terms of engaging with designers and project managers.

New resources, as they are developed, will be accessible through the links below.

Reference designs

Reference designs are easily repeatable designs for teaching blocks and specific areas within a school. They can be easily customized to suit school sites existing buildings and are proven to deliver good learning outcomes. While they aren’t mandatory, they should be used as a starting point for school designs. Every school and school site is unique and we want to find the right solution for each school property project.

Reference designs: school teaching blocks

We have prepared a catalogue of school teaching block reference designs to share popular, successful and easily customised designs you can work with your design team to tailor to your site and educational needs.

Reference designs: school teaching blocks

Reference designs: standard classroom block upgrades

These reference designs provide guidance to upgrade standard classrooms to flexible learning spaces. Access and download the packages for your upgrade project.

Reference designs: standard classroom block upgrades

Offsite manufactured buildings for new spaces at schools

Learn about the process when you are to receive or need to procure an OMB, and the following maintenance requirements and conditions of keeping a building on your school site.

Offsite manufactured buildings for new spaces at schools

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