Funding and insurance information

We have allocated initial operational funding to help you with the clean-up.

  • $10,000 of risk management operational funding can be used for any immediate need to clean up school buildings including carpet cleaning and drying, consultancy services, repairing broken windows, downpipes and lighting, or paying for security guards on site.
  • $2,000 of unforeseen operational funding can be used for operational costs that are not related to a school building, i.e for spending on ancillary buildings or land such as tree removal and fence repair.

Boards and third parties will need to fund the repair of any damage to property that they own.

Emergency response report forms have been created for the Auckland flooding and Cyclone Gabrielle for your school project manager or the emergency response co-ordinator to document the damage at your school and access funding. We have also included an example of a completed form below. 

Please send completed forms to the regional office property email.

What if more funding is required?

The initial funding has been made available to simplify and speed up the immediate recovery process. When the full cost of the reinstatement works has been determined, and if it exceeds the initial funding, we will work your project manager to seek and access this funding.

School contents insurance

For replacement of contents, please get in touch with your contents insurer directly. More information on this is available here: Insurance

Procurement exemption

A procurement exemption allowing schools to direct-source contractors has been put in place to facilitate immediate clean up works.

This blanket exemption applies to all Ministry-led and school-led procurements related to the recent severe weather event in the North Island and will expire on 27 April 2023, at which point individual exemption requests may be considered.

A relevant contract must be in place for all procurements undertaken to ensure that schools, the Ministry and our suppliers have a clear view of the obligations, and health and safety provisions.

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