Educational Psychology Internship Scholarship

Psychology Internships

These are now offered as fixed term employment for internship period.

More information can be found through this link Careers in learning support – Education in New Zealand.

The internship positions will be advertised on the jobs website Careers Centre - Ministry of Education from 15 September 2023.

Interim recruitment process for 2024:

  • The process for 2024 will be an interim process.
  • For 2024 there will be a central Expressions of Interest (EOI) and application process. This is to ensure people relocating for the duration of the internship don’t have to apply to multiple locations.
  • Positions will be advertised from 15 September 2023, once universities have confirmed student places for 2024.
  • The application will be a two-step process. The first stage being to provide personal details and answer written questions. The second stage will then be providing video responses to additional questions.
  • The application can be saved throughout the process prior to submission for the written application.
  • The video responses will be separate to the written application and are submitted at the time of recording, with an option to rerecord if required after the first attempt.
  • The 2024 process will inform the process moving forward from 2025.
  • The number of available internships is tbc.
  • This webpage will be updated as more information becomes available regarding number of places etc.

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