Librarians and Library Assistants', and Science Technicians' Pay Equity settlement funding

Learn about how the Librarians and Library Assistants', and Science Technicians' Pay Equity settlements will be funded.

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  • Principals and tumuaki
  • Librarians and library assistants
  • Science technicians
  • School boards

The Librarians and Library Assistants’, and Science Technicians' Pay Equity Claims were settled on 6 March 2023 and are effective from 23 November 2022. Covered employees in state and state-integrated schools and kura, including those who may have finished their job on or after 23 November 2022 and started another position at another school, or left the workforce entirely, are included in the settlement.

The Ministry provides the additional pay equity funding required to translate covered employees from the old pay scale to the new pay equity pay scale. This is a point-to-point translation following the translation rules of the settlement. Point-to-point means that covered employees will be transferred from their point on the previous Position Elements Table to the equivalent point on the pay equity work matrix.

Ongoing funding will be provided to schools and kura to cover the increased cost of the settlements. This funding will be paid as part of your quarterly operational grant instalments, with the first instalment scheduled for 1 July 2023. Schools and kura are required to use the additional settlement funding to apply the pay equity outcomes and new pay rates.

1 July 2023 settlement funding instalment

We have used 2022 payroll data to estimate how much additional funding your school/kura will require to cover the Librarians and Library Assistants’, and Science Technicians' Pay Equity Claim settlements. This estimate covers the cost of the point-to-point translation from the pay scale in the previous collective agreement to the new pay equity pay scale.


LSPEC funding calculation


The initial settlement funding instalment, on 1 July 2023, will include estimated funding for covered employees, including back pay (for period 23 November 2022 to 30 June 2023), and an estimate of the hours they will work during the remainder of quarter 3 (1 July 2023 to 1 September 2023).

Schools and kura will receive a funding letter, via the Secure Data Portal, prior to receiving their first settlement funding instalment. This letter will provide a breakdown of how the funding instalment has been calculated. This payment will appear in the Pourato Funding tab ‘Funding Summary’ under the payment type NON-TEACH SUPPORT PE CA FUNDING.

We are aware that these estimates may not accurately represent covered employees in your school or kura, or the hours they will work in the coming months. However, by using previous years’ data to estimate costs, it means we can provide you with funding towards the cost of the settlements in line with your regular funding instalments.

As school payroll information is confidential and the data that we receive from payroll is anonymised, we will not be able to provide a breakdown for each of your staff members. Only the role information (position, grade, step, and rate) and hours worked are provided to us to calculate the estimated cost impact.

Settlement funding instalment timeline

1 July 2023  1 October 2023 1 January 2024 1 April 2024 1 July 2024
Q3 2023 estimated settlement funding instalment and 2022 final wash-up Q4 2023 estimated settlement funding instalment Q1 2024 estimated settlement funding instalment

Q2 2024 estimated settlement funding instalment

Q3 2024 estimated settlement funding instalment and 2023 final wash-up


Non-Education Payroll schools and kura

If you do not pay your covered employees through the central Education Payroll (EPL) system, we will use information already collected from you about any covered employees you employed in 2022 to estimate the additional pay equity funding.

Settlement funding calculations for new schools and kura

For schools and kura that opened in late 2022 and during 2023, we will estimate your covered employees’ pay equity funding based on an existing school of a similar type, including location, number of learning support students and size. This estimate will be adjusted during the wash-up process.

Wage and salary funding sources

We know that schools and kura receive funding from different sources to employ their covered employees.

We will provide pay equity funding for all covered employees regardless of the funding source. The settlement has no direct impact on these sources of funding.

We are talking to other agencies to let them know about the pay equity settlement and the new pay equity rates, but this does not guarantee that other agencies will increase their funding. If you have questions about funding that you receive from another agency, please contact them directly.

Ongoing funding

The Ministry will continue to provide ongoing settlement funding to schools and kura for the Librarians and Library Assistants’, and Science Technicians' Pay Equity Claim settlement.

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