Science Technicians' Pay Equity Claim

Learn about the Science Technicians' Pay Equity Claim.

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  • Principals and tumuaki
  • Science technicians 
  • School boards

On 6 March 2023, we reached agreement with NZEI Te Riu Roa on a settlement of the pay equity claim for science technicians.

Following endorsement by the employees covered by the claim, the settlement will now see around 400 science technicians, mostly women, being valued and paid for the work they do in line with people working in male-dominated roles of equal value.

Science Technicians' Pay Equity Claim

Implementing the settlement

Following the settlement of the claim, there are actions schools and kura need to take, as well as things they need to know, to ensure science technicians receive the benefits and new pay rates resulting from the settlement.

We have released several guidance documents on the implementation of the claim. You can view these documents in the table below.

The guidance includes a roadmap, general information about the settlement, information on funding, pay rate translations, the work matrix, payroll, the parental payment and regrading.

We suggest reading the guidance documents in the order they are listed below.

Guidance on implementing the settlement
Librarians and Library Assistants', and Science Technicians' Pay Equity Roadmap [PDF, 472 KB]
Pay equity and the Science Technicians' Claim [PDF, 852 KB]
Settlement funding information(external link)
Pay Rate Translation Guide [PDF, 436 KB]
Work Matrix Guide [PDF, 383 KB]
Payroll Guide [PDF, 442 KB]
Regrading Guide [PDF, 469 KB]
Parental Payment Guide [PDF, 426 KB]


In late March 2023 we hosted webinars with NZSTA to outline the changes resulting from the settlement and provide additional support to schools and kura in understanding the settlement.

View a recording of the webinar(external link)

How we got here

Timeline of Science Technicians' Pay Equity Claim to date

Timeline of Science Technicians' Pay Equity Claim to date


Other documents
Settlement Agreement Settlement Agreement [PDF, 3 MB]
To see a summary of our research that identified sex-based undervaluation for this workforce, download and read the evidence report. Evidence Report [PDF, 1.5 MB]
View a copy of the notification letter and factsheet that was sent to employees at the beginning of the claim.

Notification letter [DOCX, 155 KB]

Factsheet [PDF, 801 KB]

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