Maintain your ICT network

Planning, hiring, and budget guidance for maintenance to your school’s ICT network.

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Schools are responsible for keeping their ICT network maintained to our current standard, and must use an approved ICT contractor to do so.

Hire an approved ICT contractor

Maintenance or repair work on your ICT network requires you to use a Ministry-approved contractor:

  • These contractors are the registered installers of the cabling product already in place in your school.
  • Using Ministry-approved contractors means warranties provided for existing installations don't become void.

Approved ICT contractors [XLSX, 125 KB]

Responsibilities of a Ministry-approved ICT contractor

Budget for maintenance

Your school property plan includes a budget for maintenance of your school ICT network.

Make sure you plan for the:

  • cost of any cabling repairs from your 5-year budget (5YA) or Policy 1 funding
  • replacement of network switches and/or wireless equipment from your furniture and equipment (F&E) budget or other funding source.

5-Year Agreement (5YA) funding

Policy 1 funding for capital work at integrated schools

Furniture and equipment for state schools

Every 5 years, you’ll need to budget to cover for failures and technology developments in switch and wireless hardware. The expected life of your cabling is 15-20 years.

Information for ICT contractors

Contractors are asked not to enter into separate warranty agreements with schools.

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