Policy One funding for capital work at integrated schools

The Ministry provides proprietors of state-integrated schools with funding to modernise and upgrade their integrated school property. Known as Policy One funding, it fulfils a similar purpose to the 5 Year Agreement (5YA) funding the Ministry provides to state schools.

Using Policy One funding for capital work at integrated schools

We provide proprietors of integrated schools with Policy One funding to pay for capital maintenance and modernisation projects. This funding is to keep existing integrated school property in a state of repair comparable with that of state schools.

It's for work costing over $5000. Where maintenance work costs less than $5000, boards use their operational funding to pay for it.

Operational funding

Boards and proprietors need to plan how to use the Policy One funding.

Policy One funding must be prioritised for:

  • urgent health and safety work
  • essential infrastructure work.

This includes any unforeseen capital work, including any property modifications needed for students or staff with special needs who start at the school. 

Special education occupational therapists and physiotherapists will work with the school and make recommendations about what modification are needed.

Learning support property modifications

Steps 1-5 of the process are relevant for integrated schools wishing to use Policy One funding for the modifications.

Proprietors can use any funding left over to upgrade buildings to create Flexible Learning Spaces (FLS).

Designing learning environments

To build new property, proprietors can apply for Policy Two funding.

Policy Two funding for new buildings at integrated schools

Our Policy One guidelines provide more information about using Policy One funding.

Policy One guidelines [PDF, 311 KB]

Receiving Policy One funding

We provide Policy One funding to proprietors quarterly on a per student basis. The funding is based on the annual state school depreciation expense. In this way, the rate of modernisation funding is the same as that provided to state non-integrated schools.

Clause 5 of each school’s supplementary agreement to the integration agreement details this calculation.

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