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Find information about the Network for Learning (N4L), a Government-funded ultrafast broadband connection that is tailored for schools. Or you can choose to pay for an internet connection through a retail service provider (RSP).

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Schools are not required to choose N4L as their broadband connection, and are able to choose an RSP. N4L is a managed service tailored to schools, and can often be a more reliable choice. 

About N4L

N4L (Network for Learning) provides managed network services for New Zealand state and state-integrated schools. They provide:

  • quality ultra-fast broadband connections
  • uncapped data, online content filtering and network security services
  • upgrades and support for school Wi-Fi networks.

N4L provide a safer, more secure network and its connections can be more reliable than those of retail services providers (RSPs).

How to join the Managed Network

Visit Connect - N4L for more information.

Connect - N4L(external link) 

While you wait for your N4L connection, you can temporarily connect to ultrafast broadband using fibre through a RSP.

If you choose to use a RSP

N4L isn't compulsory and you may choose to use a different retail service provider instead. If you choose to go with another RSP, you pay for this from your operations grant.

Online safety and security

It’s your responsibility to make sure your school’s network has protections in place against risks such as hacking, spam and access to inappropriate content.

The N4L service has been designed with safety features. It provides safer, more reliable internet with online content filtering and network security services.

If you choose your own RSP, you'll need to arrange and fund your own ICT network safety and security solution.

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