Early Notification: messages about absences

The Early Notification (EN) system electronically reports absences. Learn about the Early Notification system, how to get it and training.

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About Early Notification systems (ENs)

EN is a text and email messaging service for sending customised messages to groups. It also provides a return path to the school’s register to update the reasons for a student’s absence.

EN isn't compulsory but it significantly simplifies recording absences.

EN is used together with the electronic Attendance Register (eAR) module of the school's Student Management System (SMS).

Early Notification system brochure [PDF, 1.2 MB]

electronic Attendance Register (eAR) tracks attendance

Benefits of using ENs

  • Quickly tells parents and caregivers if their child is absent without explanation.
  • Improves student achievement, punctuality and retention.
  • Reduces unjustified non-attendance and prevents casual truancy becoming habit-forming.
  • Saves the time and cost involved in phoning parents.

To use EN effectively you must have robust procedures for collecting the data.

EN services' providers

You should contact your vendor if you have EN problems.

Solvam Corporation Ltd

Service name: School-links
Contact: Andrew Balfour

Phone: 03 365 2733(external link)

Mobile: 027 433 6067(external link)

Email andrew.balfour@school-links.co.nz

School-links website(external link)

TxtStream Ltd

Service name: TxtStream
Contact: Guy Lincoln

Phone: 0800 277 272(external link)

Email: guy@txtstream.co.nz

TXTStream website(external link)

MGM Wireless (NZ) Ltd

Service name: MGM Wireless Early Notification
Contact: Robin Hamon

Phone: 09 426 0242(external link)

Mobile: 021 682 866(external link)

Email: rhamon@mgmwireless.com

MGM Wireless website(external link)

Starting to use EN with eAR

More than 95% of schools have a suitable SMS. That means all commonly used SMS use the eAR module and the EN interface protocol.

Find out which SMSs support EN and eAR.

Sharing data from your School Management System

To apply to use EN, complete the electronic Attendance Register Application form.

Attendance registers

Get training from your vendor and the Ministry

The vendor will train you in using their EN product.

The Ministry can train you on:

  • implementing eAR with strong systems and processes
  • verifying data, including how to ensure the accuracy of data before using it to report on or make decisions
  • analysing data (Counting Education), including how to use the data to inform decision making.

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