Variation of hours

The terms of the teacher aides’ pay equity claim settlement include limitations on the variation of a teacher aide’s assigned working hours. Learn more about this arrangement, which provides teacher aides with greater certainty about their employment.

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The settlement of the teacher aide pay equity claim has introduced new employment conditions for teacher aides. These conditions must be adhered to by schools.

Before settlement

Permanent teacher aides can have their hours of work increased or reduced by their employer once every twelve months, under the terms of their employment agreement.

This means that it is possible for a teacher aide to have their hours reduced by 50% or more and not be entitled to redundancy or surplus staffing provisions.

What’s the agreed change?

Permanently employed teacher aides will only be able to have their hours varied by a maximum of 25% in any twelve month period.

Any variations greater than 25% would require the employer to apply the surplus staffing provisions.

Teacher aides and employers can still agree together larger or more frequent variations if it suits them both.

Who does this apply to?

This clause applies only to permanently employed teacher aides. This does not apply to teacher aides on fixed term employment agreements.

Download the Variation of hours factsheet [PDF, 439 KB]

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