Funding instalments 2020

Learn about the funding instalments for 2020 that are associated with the settlement of the teacher aide pay equity claim.

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Schools will receive funding to cover the point-to-point translation from the previous rates in the collective agreement to the pay equity rates. This funding will be paid at the same time as your operational grant instalments.

Key information

Whilst we implement the settlement, schools will receive three funding instalments.

  • 28 August 2020: Funding to cover rates (including allowances and back-pay) from 12 February to 31 December 2020.
  • 1 October 2020: Interim wash-up based on the number of teacher aides and hours actually worked in first six-months of 2020.
  • 1 April 2021: Final wash-up to accurately calculate total funding for 2020.

Funding will be provided to schools to cover the increased cost of the teacher aide settlement as part of their operational grant instalments. These are scheduled for 1 January, 1 April, 1 July and 1 October 2021.

The following provides more information about the three funding instalments referred to above and how they are calculated.

First funding instalment – 28 August 

We have used your 2019 payroll data to estimate how much additional funding your school may require for TAPESA in 2020. This estimate covers the cost of the point-to-point translation from the pay scale in the previous collective agreement to the pay equity pay scale.

We know that this estimate may not accurately represent the current teacher aides employed by your school, or the hours they worked in 2020. However, it means we can provide you with some funding towards the cost of the settlement before teacher aides are paid the new rates from November 2020.

Tiaki Allowances

If you have a teacher aide who receives the occasional or regular Tiaki allowance you will also receive funding for this. This funding has been calculated and paid as part of your TAPESA 28 August 2020 payment.

We have used your 2019 payroll data to estimate how much funding your school may require to cover the increase in Tiaki allowance for your teacher aides in 2020.

Regular Tiaki

Teacher aides who perform Tiaki duties at least once per day on average (or up to five times per week) will receive a regular Tiaki allowance. They will receive this hourly allowance even if they do not have to perform the Tiaki work on a certain day (for example if a student is absent from school).

Occasional Tiaki

Teacher aides who perform occasional Tiaki duties will receive a one-off allowance for each incident. Teacher aides can only apply for one allowance per day and can only claim this allowance on days they perform Tiaki duties.

Second funding instalment – 1 October

Schools will receive the second funding instalment on 1 October 2020. This is made up of two components.

The first component included in this instalment is top-up funding for the Support Staff in Schools' Collective Agreement. This funding accounts for the non-teaching staff rates increasing by a further 3% from 27 November 2020. It was calculated by taking the difference between the 2019 and 2020 Collective Agreement rates and multiplying them by number of total hours paid.

The second component is an interim wash-up. We have compared 2020 payroll data to a similar period for 2019 to determine if an adjustment is required.

Where there was an overall increase of teacher aides employed, hours worked or the pay rates, during the comparable period you will receive a top-up. This adjustment has been applied to all TAPESA funding and all Support Staff in Schools funding already provided to schools in 2020. This includes funding provided for Tiaki allowances.

This instalment will provide schools further funding to cover the increases in hours for the 2020 school year.

Third funding instalment – 1 April 2021

The third instalment is the final wash-up for the 2020 year. We will calculate this in early 2021 and fund schools in April 2021.

As the 2020 school year will be completed, this will be when we can accurately calculate the total settlement funding for the 2020 teacher aides employed and the hours worked.

We will release the details of this calculation in early 2021. Schools will receive a breakdown of their calculation before the payment. This will be available on the School Data Portal.

Any additional funding such as approved Exceptional Translation funding will be paid as part of this instalment.

Funding instalments for 2021

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