Role Description for the Youth Advisory Group Secretariat, Facilitator and Members

The following role description forms part of the Youth Advisory Group terms of reference.

Level of compliance Main audience Other


  • Ministerial Youth Advisory Group members
  • Ministerial Youth Advisory Group secretariat
  • Ministerial Youth Advisory Group facilitator
  • Parents, caregivers and whānau

This guidance states the responsibilities of the secretariat, facilitator and the members of the Ministerial Youth Advisory Group.

Secretariat (Parents and Community Information Programme)

The role and accountabilities of the secretariat are as follows:

  • coordinate the meeting agenda and logistics
  • provide briefings to the Minister of Education on insights gathered
  • liaise with Ministry staff and officials who may want to meet with the Youth Advisory Group
  • support the facilitator and members to fulfil their roles
  • act as the communication link between the Youth Advisory Group and Minister, or other Ministry staff/officials
  • promote the insights of the Youth Advisory Group to Ministry staff and officials
  • coordinate NZ Police vetting for all officials, as required for working with children
  • comply with the code of conduct.

Code of conduct

Youth facilitator

The role and accountabilities of the facilitator is to:

  • work with the secretariat to identify the best way to engage the Youth Advisory Group in each topic
  • plan and facilitate sessions that support young people to provide feedback
  • address issues and concerns of the young people as they arise
  • support the development of the members, so that they each gain in some way from the experience
  • chaperone members overnight (at the same accommodation) as required
  • meet with the secretariat to provide updates and resolve any issues, as needed
  • maintain connections with the secretariat and members
  • comply with the code of conduct.

Code of conduct

Ministerial Youth Advisory members

The role and accountabilities of Ministerial Youth Advisory members are to:

  • be committed to engage with the Minister of Education, Ministry of Education officials and facilitator
  • share what’s important to them
  • be approachable and mindful of other people’s opinions and perspectives
  • work effectively and collaboratively with others
  • bring additional youth issues and opportunities to table for consideration
  • arrive at meetings and flights on time
  • comply with other requirements as detailed in the criteria
  • comply with the code of conduct.

Code of conduct

Non-members who will work with the Youth Advisory Group

The role and accountabilities of Ministry staff and officials are to:

  • complete an expression of interest and submit to the secretarial to secure a meeting with the YAG
  • work with the secretariat on how their session will run 
  • work with the secretariat to engage and understand the youth perspective when updating, developing and implementing policy
  • provide additional reading material to provide context for members thinking and advice (if required).

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