In late 2021, the Minister of Education made the decision to close Hāwera Intermediate and High School and open a new Year 7-13 school from the start of 2023. This page provides information about the process of closing the two schools and opening the new school.


To open the new school and close the intermediate and high school, the following high level tasks will happen from late 2021 to early 2023. Below is an indicative timeline, which is subject to change. More comprehensive, detailed information of each task can be found in this PDF [PDF, 207 KB]. Further information will also be provided over time following timeline decisions made by the Establishment School Board. 

Task Date
Appointment of establishment school board (ESB) Dec 2021
Appointment of Change Manager to provide advice and support in closing both schools. Dec 2021
Appointment of Governance Facilitator to provide advice and support to the ESB in establishing the new school. Dec 2021
First ESB meeting Dec 2021/Jan 2022
ESB start Principal Recruitment Process Jan 2022
Principal recruitment shortlisting and interviews Feb 2022
Principal starts role May 2022
ESB and Principal start recruitment of Senior Management Positions Mar 2022
Senior Management staff commence May 2022 onwards
Ongoing school establishment tasks Jan 2022 - Jan 2023
Continued appointment of balance of staff May 2022 - Jan 2023

Establishment school board

The first task is to have an Establishment School Board appointed. This is the board that will make all governance decisions related to the new school. 

The following five people were appointed to the establishment board of the new school in December 2021:

  • Will Edwards (Presiding Member)
  • Cheryl Luke-Maraki
  • Neryda Sullivan
  • Dinah King
  • Hauraki Erb

The new board can co-opt up to four extra members onto the board.

An Establishment School Board usually remains in office for about six months after the opening of the school. By that time, staff and students will be settled in and interested persons will have had time to consider standing for election to the new school board. The local Ministry of Education office will stay in contact with the board to determine the appropriate time to move to an elected board. The Minister will then set a date for the first elections and first meeting of the elected board.

Key documents

The Minister's decision was made in the Education Report below. The community feedback that the Minister considered is also below:

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