Keep your systems updated

Ensure all school-managed devices get updates (also known as patches) as quickly as possible after they're released.

Why it matters

Updates often fix security vulnerabilities or bugs in code. They are one of the quickest and easiest ways to improve your school and kura’s cyber security protection.

Guide to updates – CERT NZ(external link)

Our recommendations

Always install updates

  • Update all software when prompted.
  • Turn on automatic updates wherever possible.

Centrally manage your devices

We recommend managing your school/kura’s devices through endpoint programs. These tools help you centrally manage your school’s devices. They can implement policies, and update, add, or remove software without needing to run the update manually on each device.

Google endpoint program(external link)

Microsoft inTune/endpoint management(external link)

Update all software and firmware

It's not only your devices' operating systems and mobile apps that need updating – the software on your printers, smart TVs and Wi-Fi routers need updating too.

Upgrade unsupported technology

If a device or software is supported by the manufacturer, it means they still look after that version, checking it for security holes or problems which might stop it from working properly. Once it's unsupported, that means the manufacturer won't fix it with a new software update, even if a new problem is found.

Continuing to use devices and software that are unsupported is risky, consider upgrading any technology that no longer receives security updates.

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