Online ESOL support for students in schools

We have an online ESOL programme available to intermediate and secondary schools that helps students who are new learners of the English language.

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  • Principals and tumuaki
  • ESOL staff
  • Educators, teachers and kaiako
  • Learning support coordinators and SENCOs
  • RTLBs
  • Boards

Choosing to include this tool in your school's ESOL programme can help to generate positive learning outcomes.

About the programme

The Learning Village New Zealand aims to support students to develop the English language skills necessary to participate effectively in their mainstream classes. It may be particularly useful for schools that have limited experience in catering for new learners of English or don’t have an established ESOL department or ESOL teachers.

The programme is provided by Across Cultures using the Learning Village, an online programme that has been operating successfully internationally and in New Zealand for a number of years. Schools enrolled in the programme through the Ministry of Education will receive comprehensive training and ongoing support from a team of New Zealand staff. This training and support include upskilling teachers and teacher aides in ways in which the Learning Village lessons can be integrated with students’ curriculum subjects.

Access to the Learning Village NZ is intended to be one part of an appropriate programme of support for emergent bilingual learners.

Students and schools will be identified from the Ministry ESOL funding database, and the Learning Village NZ team will invite them to join the programme. Schools that think they might be eligible for the programme are also welcome to contact the providers directly.

Tel: 09 889 8153(external link)

Visit the Learning Village website for more information about the programme and how it works.

Learning Village(external link)

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