Cyber Assistant Tool pilot

A new Cyber Assistant Tool pilot is available to assess kura and schools’ cyber security, safety and privacy, then provide an action plan.

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  • Principals and tumuaki
  • Teachers and kaiako
  • School ICT specialist
  • Boards
  • Administrators
  • External ICT providers

Schools face a variety of cyber security threats requiring updates to systems, terms and conditions. This can be hard to keep up with, especially with limited budgets. So a tool is needed to identify potential risks and help prioritise where to focus next.

By using the Cybersecurity Assessment Tool (CAT), you can gain a detailed understanding of the state of your school's cybersecurity, cyber safety and online privacy risks. The tool will then provide you with a targeted action plan, that aligns with best practice and helps prioritise resources.

About the tool

The Ministry has developed a self-assessment tool to help schools identify where their strengths are and where they could improve. The tool covers cyber security, cyber safety, and online privacy issues. It can be completed by any staff member that has knowledge about the school’s policies and processes.

The tool contains 12 modules covering policies, processes, and training. Schools can choose to complete as many modules as they like. Upon completion of all the modules schools be given a personalised risk plan including the top 5 actions they should undertake to lower or mitigate their digital risks, based on their responses.

Volunteers needed for pilot phase

The tool is entering a wider pilot phase to gather feedback before making it more widely available next year. School and sector involvement and expertise is crucial to the success of the pilot.

The Ministry will use aggregated data from the Cyber Assistant Tool to gain insights into the overall state of cyber security, safety and privacy across the education sector and identify boost schools’ ability to manage their digital learning environments. Based on these and other insights, the tool will be improved to remain relevant, user-friendly, and effective.

Contact us

To find out more information or to join the pilot, email with your ESL login username.

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