Emergency planning checklist

Consider using this checklist to help you in your planning and preparation for an emergency.

Printable version: Emergency planning checklist. [PDF, 131 KB]

Emergency checklist



1. Have we prepared an emergency management plan?


2. Have we selected an incident management team (IMT) and assigned key roles to staff?


3. Have we ensured our IMT have had training? (For example, understand their role, undertaken drills and practice scenarios)


4. Have we developed a communication plan which identifies who we need to communicate with and how?

For example: 

  • staff
  • children/students
  • parents/families/whānau
  • families of international students
  • external communication, such as emergency services
  • what communication methods will we use? 

5. Have we developed an emergency reunification procedure to reunite children, students and families?


6. Have we included transport management in our planning?


7. Are we conducting an assessment of our school or early learning service environment on a regular basis to identify and assess new risks?


8. Are backup systems in place so that information is securely stored in more than one place in case of damage in an emergency? 


9. Do we have emergency response warning systems in place to alert staff, children and students when evacuation or lockdown/shelter in place is required? 


10. Is our evacuation equipment kit up to date and readily accessible?


11. Are we carrying out practice drills on a regular basis appropriate for our risk environment?


12. Do we have a reasonable and appropriate amount of food/water/medicine?


13. Have we reviewed our plan and assessed the effectiveness of our procedures and actions?


14. Is emergency preparedness a standing agenda item along with health and safety, at meetings?



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