Property and equipment

Property maintenance and the provision of appropriate equipment needed for particular activities are important aspects of your health and safety system. Property and equipment include personal protective equipment (PPE), buildings, facilities, grounds, technology classrooms, science laboratories, utilities, hazardous substances and construction projects.

Questions to consider

  • What other PCBUs do you need to connect and coordinate with to manage health and safety of property and equipment?
  • Do workers and others know how to report any concerns about property and provision of suitable equipment?
  • What is your training approach to support the appropriate use of safety equipment?
  • What information do you receive to give you assurance that property is being well maintained? 
  • How will you know that equipment being used is appropriate for the activity and that individuals are trained to use it correctly?



See the property section of this website for extensive guidance to support health and safety in relation to school property.

Property, procurement and school transport

Early learning services

Early learning services must meet certain licensing requirements in order to operate.

Links to the regulatory framework are below, but services may also find other linked information on this page helpful:

Premises and facilities – Early learning licensing criteria

Health and safety – Early learning licensing criteria


The person conducting a business or undertaking (PCBU) must provide appropriate protective equipment for all work environments that your staff are likely to encounter in their roles and for others onsite.

Electrical equipment testing 

Playground equipment and surfacing 

Safety and science: Guidance for schools and kura – TKI(external link)

Safety in technology education – TKI(external link)

Planning for science programmes – TKI(external link)

Guidelines for schools to develop or review a firearms policy

WorkSafe provides information about the use of personal protective equipment in situations where a worker's health and safety are at risk:

Personal protective equipment (PPE) – WorkSafe(external link)

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