Preparing for emergencies, traumatic incidents, evacuations and lockdowns

Your school or early learning service may face a natural disaster, pandemic, criminal acts or student suicide. An emergency event may require an evacuation or a lockdown. It’s important to be prepared for these events.

Emergency planning

The Emergency management template to help you develop your own emergency plan.

Emergency Management Plan [DOC, 719 KB]

Emergency planning guidance for planning for an emergency or traumatic incident. It complements both the:

  • Emergency Management Plan, and
  • Traumatic Incidents: Managing Student and Staff Wellbeing.

Emergency Planning Guidance [PDF, 385 KB]

Traumatic Incidents: Guidance for managing student and staff wellbeing [PDF, 751 KB]


Find out how to prepare and implement a pandemic plan.

Suicide prevention

Suicide prevention kit for schools [PDF, 10 MB]

Suicide Prevention — Mental Health Foundation of NZ website(external link)

Talking with students, if students raise the issue of suicide [PDF, 353 KB]

13 Reasons Why Season 3 [PDF, 457 KB]

Further information from other agencies

The Get Ready website has information on how to prepare yourself personally for an emergency.

Get Ready website(external link)

What's the Plan Stan is a resource that primary- and intermediate-level teachers can use to develop their students’ knowledge and skills to prepare for, and safely respond to, disasters.

What’s the Plan Stan website(external link)

If you're an early learning service, you'll find more information in the Early Learning section of this website.

Emergencies and traumatic incidents at an early learning service

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