Accelerated modernisation scheme

Learn about the accelerated modernisation scheme, including what funds are available and the eligibility requirements.

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  • Boards
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School boards are responsible for the financial governance of their schools. To access the accelerated modernisation scheme (AMS), their school’s projects must meet the qualifications listed below. 

Key information about the accelerated modernisation scheme

What the accelerated modernisation scheme (ALS) is

The ALS is a 5-year funding programme starting with schools in the 2018/19 5YA cycle.

Its purpose is to accelerate the modernisation of teaching and learning environments in schools.

What it is for

Priority 3 projects identified in a schools 10 Year Property Plan (10YPP).

The budget

Schools may be eligible for a 100% increase in the 5YA budget, up to a maximum of $200,000.


10YPP priority 3 works

AMS funding can be applied to a 'priority 3' project identified in the school's 10 Year Property Plan (10YPP) to modernise teaching and learning environments.

This might be:

  • an identified priority 3 project which has been scaled back to align with the available budget
  • a project that's been deferred to Years 6-10 of a 10YPP
  • a newly identified priority 3 project which supports the school's strategic vision for school property.

Schools eligible for other funding over and above baseline 5YA funding can also access AMS funding for a qualifying project.

This supports schools to undertake both essential infrastructure works (priority 2) and modernisation works (priority 3).


If a priority 3 project is identified in the 10YPP, schools can access AMS funding by:

  • submitting the 10YPP to the Ministry by 30 November in the first year of the 5YA
  • letting the contract for the AMS project or be actively progressing the project by 31 May in the first year of the 5YA.

Accessing AMS funding

If there's a qualifying project agreed in the 10YPP, schools will be able to access this funding. 

If schools don't have a project which qualifies for AMS funding, schools are unable to meet the qualifying timeframes, or there's a portion of AMS funding not required for an agreed AMS project, the full or remaining AMS funding will be returned to us.

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