Insights from Manaiakalani Education Trust

Learn more about buying digital technology from Manaiakalani Education Trust, who support whānau to buy fit-for-purpose devices for their learners.

Who Manaiakalani Education Trust is 

Manaiakalani Education Trust is an organisation that supports schools and provides fit-for-purpose digital technology devices for students who need it.

They carry out testing on devices to make sure buyers get the best value, best performance, and best learning experiences.

Manaiakalani Education Trust website(external link)

Digital technology insights

Advice for schools

  • Buy one type of device for a designated cohort for a calendar year (that is, don’t have multiple device types in a single student group).
  • When you are choosing the device series for the following year, continue with the chosen kind where possible. This will create a device pathway through the school where there is one only operating system for teachers, parents and students to deal with. (That is, it reduces the time teachers spend attending to devices as well as reducing maintenance costs.)
  • In the Manaiakilani programme, Year 1 to 3 learners use iPads. iPads can all be signed up through and managed by the school, and they can all have the same image.
  • In the Manaiakilani programme, Year 4 to Year 13 learners use Chromebooks. All Chromebooks are 'enrolled' to ensure usage conforms to best practice safety policies. Chromebooks are filtered by N4L. 

Advice for parents and whānau

  • Don’t buy the cheapest option at the Boxing Day sale. While it may be cheaper, it is likely not suitable for your child’s learning.

More information

For more information and technical advice visit the Manaiakalani website.

Manaiakalani Education Trust website(external link)

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