AYPD Terms of reference

Te Mahau Advisory of Young People with Disabilities (or AYPD)'s Terms of Reference

Expectations and responsibilities

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Terms of Reference [PDF, 170 KB]

The Term of Reference outlines the structure of the Advisory of Young People with Disabilities (AYPD). It helps everyone understand their roles and responsibilities.

People involved with the AYPD include:

  • members of the AYPD
  • the advisory Secretariat, and Facilitator
  • Ministry of Education staff and officials
  • people invited to the advisory from outside the Ministry.


The AYPD is a group of up to 12 young people aged 18 – 26 who have lived experience of disability. It aims to represent the diversity of all young New Zealanders. We strive for the AYPD to have:

  • different lived experiences of disability
  • different types of education experiences
  • gender diversity
  • age diversity
  • ethnic diversity
  • regional diversity across NZ
  • different types of lived experience that impact on education (e.g. culture, immigration, LGBTQIA+).


There are two ways members meet:

  1. Face-to-face: Members meet up to three times a year. These hui (or meetings) run over two days and will require members to stay in Wellington for two nights. We confirm the locations of hui closer to the time.
  2. Online: members meet up to three times a year online.


Members are paid for each in-person hui they attend, and each online hui.

All member travel, accommodation, and food expenses are organised and provided for by the Ministry of Education.


We will inform members of what to expect at each hui. And help them to understand the context of the kōrero, and their roles and responsibilities.

Members can seek approval from the General Manager to bring a support person. A support person may:

  • help members travel to and from meetings
  • attend meetings with members to assist with physical or communication needs
  • act as a translator.

The support person will not directly contribute to AYPD discussions.

Enabling environments

We’ll make every effort to make reasonable accommodation for all members.

Candidates can share any specific requirements and considerations during recruitment or throughout their tenure on AYPD. We will address each of these to ensure any barriers to full participation are minimized.


During recruitment of new members, anyone can apply if they:

  • are 18-26 years old
  • have a lived experience of disability
  • can work with other people and in a team 
  • can commit to the meeting schedule 
  • are not currently involved with another Ministry of Education advisory
  • can travel to Wellington to attend in-person meetings. 

We accept applications via an Expressions of Interest form on the AYPD website or via our advisory email youth.advisory@education.govt.nz.

AYPD website

Criminal convictions 

Members confirm they do not have any serious criminal convictions.

Terms of appointment and appointment process 

Members are selected based on their lived experience, and their interest and ability to engage with Ministry officials and offer advice.

The standard term of appointment (or tenure) for each member is two years, or at the discretion of the General Manager.

Members can seek a leave of absence for three consecutive months from the Secretariat. For longer periods, leave must be sought from the General Manager through a letter or email. 

Role description and Code of Conduct

The AYPD terms of reference also includes:

  • role descriptions for the AYPD
  • Code of Conduct.

The Ministry’s role

The Ministry of Education organises, manages, and convenes the AYPD. We organise the travel of members (including any costs), and chaperone members throughout the two-day hui.

We’re committed to ensuring:

  • the health, safety, security, and privacy of all AYPD participants
  • an environment that is welcoming, safe, and inclusive for everyone.

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