Exchange Programme Organisations (EPOs)

Exchange Programme Organisations (EPOs) are independent organisations approved by the Government to operate secondary school student exchange programmes in New Zealand. Learn more about EPOs.

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See which EPOs have been approved to operate and the process that must be followed if you want to apply to establish a new EPO.

About EPOs

Each EPO organisation is a little different, and they offer different lengths, types and destinations for their exchange programmes. 

All organisations must provide pastoral care and support to their exchange students and report regularly to the Ministry of Education.

EPO students don’t have to attend a school that's an Education (Pastoral Care of Tertiary and International Learners) Code of Practice 2021 (the Code) signatory.

List of approved EPOs and contact details

These following organisations are approved to offer secondary school student exchanges in Aotearoa New Zealand. If you're a student interested in going on an exchange, you will need to contact the organisation directly.

AFS New Zealand(external link)

New Zealand Institute of International Understanding(external link)

Email for NZ-German Student Exchange:

Rotary Youth Exchange New Zealand(external link)

SCCE - Award winning student exchange programs ( link)

Student Exchange Australia New Zealand(external link)

STS Education NZ(external link)

Study International Service New Zealand(external link)

Your Education High School Exchanges(external link)

Youth For Understanding(external link)

Applying to be an approved EPO

Read the application guidance in the following application form before making an application.

We will assess the application on all criteria in the application form, and consult with other government agencies as appropriate, for example, the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) and Immigration New Zealand (INZ). We may contact you for further clarification or supporting documentation.

We'll advise you of the outcome of your application in writing.

2022 EPO - Exchange application form [DOCX, 109 KB]

Establishing an EPO

Anyone interested in establishing an EPO should read the:

  • guidance information in the EPO application form to understand our expectations of EPOs
  • information on our secondary school exchanges webpage.

Secondary school exchanges

We also strongly encourage you to research both the international education and exchange sector and the communities you'll be placing inbound students into or recruiting outbound students from, so you can best target your exchange offerings.

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