Requirements for Decile 8-10 Schools/Kura and Schools/Kura Not Opting In to the Donations Scheme

Section 33 of the Education and Training Act 2020 states that every person who is not an international student is entitled to free enrolment and free education at any State school during the period beginning on the person’s fifth birthday and ending on 1 January after the person’s 19th birthday. This means that schools cannot charge domestic students a fee for enrolment or attendance, or for the delivery of the curriculum.

About the Government’s School Donations Scheme

From the 2020 school year as part of the donations scheme, Decile 1-7 state and state-integrated schools are able to choose to receive a $150 per student, per year payment if they agree not to ask parents and caregivers for donations, except for overnight camps.

Implications for Boards of Trustees

If the Board of Trustees decide not opt in to the donations scheme, Boards may seek donations toward the cost of curriculum delivery, but cannot compel payment for items that are part of this.

Boards of Trustees of decile 1-7 schools are encouraged to consult with their school communities and reflect their views when making decisions about whether to opt-in to the scheme or not, and to let your parent communities know your final decision.

Payment Types

There are three types of payments made to schools and kura by families and whānau:

Type  Description
  • These are voluntary payments, no matter who asks for them
  • They can be for general purposes, or for a specific purpose
  • They can be requested but payment cannot be compelled or enforced
  • Families and whānau can choose to pay in full, in part, or not at all
  • GST is not payable
  • Donation tax credits can be claimed
Purchase of goods and services
  • All purchases/signups are voluntary and cannot be compelled
  • If a purchase is agreed, payment can be enforced
  • GST is payable
  • Donation tax credits cannot be claimed
Attendance dues
  • These are compulsory for students attending state integrated schools and kura. They are the only compulsory payment in the school/kura system
  • Attendance dues are payable to the proprietor of a state integrated school or kura
  • Payment can be enforced and GST is payable. Donation tax credits cannot be claimed
  • State integrated schools and kura cannot increase the maximum level of attendance dues without the approval of the Minister of Education

Further Information

Examples for Decile 8-10 Schools/Kura and Schools/Kura Not Opting In to the Donations Scheme

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