Round 1 - Partnership Schools Indication of Interest Phase

This section includes the Indications of Interest submitted to the Ministry and the feedback reports provided by the Partnership Schools | Kura Hourua Working Group.

On 14 December 2012 the Partnership Schools | Kura Working Group publicly invited Indications of Interest from organisations interested in applying to run a Partnership Kura. This was published and promoted on the Working Group website. This process was designed to identify whether there was sufficient interest from the community to warrant issuing a full application process and to help interested organisations understand what was likely to be required.

The Indication of Interest process was voluntary, and separate to the application process. The list of parties that submitted an Indication of Interest is not the same as the list of organisations that went on to make formal applications, as some organisations chose not to continue with the process.

The Working Group evaluated the Indications of Interest, and provided a feedback report to each respondent with suggestions on how their proposal could be strengthened. This feedback was not an indicator of likely approval or otherwise in the formal application process. 

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The five successful Partnership Schools and Sponsors were:

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