Budget 2022 Information Release

The following Ministry of Education documents have been published as part of the Budget 2022 process.

The published information includes key Budget documents and decisions.

Where information in these documents has not been released, the relevant Official Information Act 1982 grounds for withholding have been noted.

Further Budget 2022 documents can be viewed on the Treasury's Budget 2022 site.(external link)

Further Budget 2022 information can be viewed on the Budget 2022 - Education in New Zealand site.

20-Jul-21 Education Report Update on improving the flexibility of Kāhui Ako and resolving the funding shortfall [PDF, 848 KB] 1265372
8-Sep-21 Briefing Note Budget 2022 Initial process and milestones [PDF, 761 KB] 1270999
9-Sep-21 Education Report Re-engaging ākonga in education following the COVID-19 Delta outbreak [PDF, 2.1 MB] 1270914
10-Sep-21 Education Report Apprenticeship Boost Initiative (ABI) – revised costings to August 2022, and options for extension [PDF, 938 KB] 1271208
21-Sep-21 Briefing Note Budget 2022 Final Strategy Session Materials [PDF, 4.1 MB] 1272133
24-Sep-21 Briefing Note Re-engaging Ākonga in Schooling post-COVID-19 Delta – Revised Draft Cabinet Paper [PDF, 957 KB] 1272481
27-Sep-21 Briefing Note Update on the Wellbeing Budget 22 package [PDF, 620 KB] 1272495
27-Sep-21 Education Report Climate Change and the Curriculum [PDF, 913 KB] 1272054
28-Sep-21 Education Report Budget 2022 - Initiative Submission [PDF, 1.8 MB] 1272623
30-Sep-21 Education Report Budget 2022 – Revised Submission Letter [PDF, 1.8 MB] 1273176
14-Oct-21 Education Report Keeping households connected into the 2022 school year [PDF, 858 KB] 1272098
29-Oct-21 Education Report Improving access to education: Budget 2022 approach for Boarding and Distance Education [PDF, 979 KB] 1273263
2-Nov-21 Education Report Budget 2022 – Prioritisation of Intentions List [PDF, 807 KB] 1275508
15-Nov-21 Education Report Draft Cabinet Paper to manage Apprenticeship Boost and tertiary funding pressures [PDF, 807 KB] 1275349
15-Nov-21 Cabinet paper Managing Apprenticeship Boost Initiative, Mana in Mahi, and Tertiary Education Funding Pressures [PDF, 992 KB] CAB-21-MIN-0548
16-Nov-21 Education Report Budget 2022 – 17 November Strategy Session [PDF, 807 KB] 1277130
2-Dec-21 Education Report Budget 2022 Proposed Budget Package [PDF, 807 KB] 1278331
7-Dec-21 Education Report Budget 2022 - December Submission [PDF, 807 KB] 1278914
10-Dec-21 Education Report Options for the Budget 2022 pay parity initiative [PDF, 1.8 MB] 1279010
13-Dec-21 Briefing Note - Redhills Cab paper [PDF, 780 KB] 1279069
14-Dec-21 Education Report Tulī Takes Flight Scholarships - Design Approval [PDF, 1.1 MB] 1278500
16-Dec-21 Education Report Budget 2022 – FTE Implications Letter [PDF, 1.6 MB] 1279329
4-Feb-22 Briefing Note Update on Budget Process and Inflation Pressures [PDF, 718 KB] 1281041
9-Feb-22 Briefing Note Māori Education Budget Bids [PDF, 1 MB] 1281074
14-Feb-22 Briefing Note Māori Education Budget Package [PDF, 856 KB] 1285938
15-Feb-22 Briefing Note Supporting advice for Budget 22 Bilateral - School Property [PDF, 810 KB] 1281669
16-Feb-22 Education Report Proposed changes to Vote Tertiary Education to implement the unified funding system for vocational education [PDF, 1 MB] 1280588
18-Feb-22 Education Report Budget 2022 – Budget 22 Post Bilateral Package [PDF, 937 KB] 1281927
25-Feb-22 Education Report Budget 2022 – updated post bilateral package [PDF, 999 KB] 1282298
2-Mar-22 Education Report Budget 22 Post Bilateral Package [PDF, 1.6 MB] 1282629
14-Mar-22 Education Report Budget 2022 Updated Package [PDF, 859 KB] 1283659
17-Mar-22 Education Report Estimates 2022/23 - Draft Performance Measures [PDF, 1002 KB] 1282826
21-Mar-22 Education Report Budget 2022 Further changes to the package [PDF, 1.2 MB] 1284278
29-Mar-22 Briefing Note 2022 Budget Package - Technical initiatives [PDF, 882 KB] 1283217
29-Mar-22 Education Report Budget 2022: Finalising some outstanding items [PDF, 941 KB] 1284701
30-Mar-22 Briefing Note Update on the development of an expanded Mana Ake service [PDF, 915 KB] 1284230
31-Mar-22 Education Report Boarding allowance rates increase [PDF, 955 KB] 1284907
8-Apr-22 Briefing Note Wellbeing Package to Support Ākonga Engagement in Learning Options Narrative [PDF, 925 KB] 1282977
11-Apr-22 Education Report Update on creating safe, inclusive schools – targeted and intensive supports for Māori & Pacific learners at risk of disengaging [PDF, 791 KB] 1285642
11-Apr-22 Final Cabinet Paper and Minutes Building COVID-19 resilience through equitable digital access [PDF, 346 KB] CAB-22-MIN-0132
13-Apr-22 Education Report Budget 2022 communications update [PDF, 767 KB] 1285771
14-Apr-22 Education Report Budget 2022 Changes to Titles and Descriptions [PDF, 762 KB] 1286045
28-Apr-22 Briefing Note Advice on Budget 22 Maori Education Initiatives [PDF, 1.1 MB] 1286682
28-Apr-22 Briefing Note Visit to Porirua College, to make a pre-Budget announcement regarding student attendance and engagement on on Sunday 1 May 2022 [PDF, 972 KB] 1286635
17-May-22 Education Report Budget 2022 ECE pay parity initiative funding conditions [PDF, 1.3 MB] 1287907

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