Information releases

The Ministry of Education generates large volumes of material in its role as the Government’s lead advisor on Aotearoa New Zealand’s education system.

We are committed to openness and accountability, and proactively release much of the information that we generate and hold.
We proactively release:

  • advice that the Minister and Associate Ministers of Education see from us,
  • our responses to some Official Information Act requests,
  • package releases of information specific to certain announcements,
  • expenses incurred by the Secretary for Education,
  • statistical information on Education Counts.

Advice seen by our Ministers

Each year we produce hundreds of pieces of advice on the education system. As part of our commitment to openness in government, we release reports the Ministers have considered as soon as we are able to. 

Advice seen by our Ministers

Responses to Official Information Act requests

Under the Official Information Act 1982 (OIA), eligible persons (New Zealand citizens, permanent residents and anyone in New Zealand) can request and receive information held by Ministers or departments, including the Ministry of Education. We publish selected responses to OIA requests so that information is more readily available to the public. This promotes openness and transparency, and enables public participation in government.

Responses to Official Information Act (1982) requests

Official Information Act 1982(external link)

Making an Official Information Act request

The Official Information Act 1982 (OIA) allows any eligible person to request information held by governments and government agencies. The link below will help you make an information request to the Ministry of Education. 

Making an OIA request 

Official Information Act Statistics(external link) published via the Public Service Commission

Issue-specific information releases

For areas where there's a high degree of public interest, the Ministry may choose to publish an information release.

Issue specific information releases

Disclosure of expenses

Secretary of Education disclosure of expenses

Education Counts

The goal of Education Counts is to increase the availability and accessibility of information about education statistics and research.

Visit Education Counts(external link)

Transparency statement

The transparency statement explains how we collect, use, and share information gathered about individuals and organisations for the purposes of carrying out our statutory functions under the Education and Training Act 2020.

Transparency statement about information gathering for regulatory compliance purposes

Request a PDF in an accessible format

Documents are available in Adobe PDF format only. Accessible versions, where available, can be supplied on request.



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