Healthy Food and Nutrition in Schools

From 7 April to 2 June, the Ministry of Education ran a public consultation on proposed changes to the promotion and provision of healthy drinks in schools. The proposed changes sought to replace a provision within the National Administration Guidelines (NAGs), which requires school boards to promote healthy food and nutrition for all students.

As the NAGs cease on 1 January 2023, the Ministry sought public opinion on various options to replace this provision in regulations, including maintaining the status-quo or adding a duty on primary schools to provide only healthy drinks to students. We received 322 submissions, including written submissions and via an online survey. 

Following analysis of these submissions, Government has decided to replace NAG 5(b) in regulations with no additional duty on primary schools to provide only healthy drinks at this time.

The Ministry of Education will gather more evidence on the impact of a healthy drink duty on secondary schools, with the intention of introducing a new duty in all schools at the same time. The Ministry will also investigate a potential joint work programme with the Ministry of Health focussed on supporting better food and nutrition.  We will report back to Ministers in 2023 on the outcome of this work.               




2 June 2022 Proposed Changes to the Promotion and Provision of Healthy Drinks in Schools Submissions [PDF, 21 MB] N/A
13 July 2022 Healthy Drinks Survey Submissions [XLSX, 257 KB] N/A
19 August 2022 Briefing Note: Regulations for promotion of healthy food and nutrition in schools and reporting on student performance – Talking points for Social Wellbeing Committee [PDF, 243 KB]  
29 August 2022 Cabinet Paper: Nutrition in Schools and Reporting on Student Performance: Policy [PDF, 1.1 MB]
Decisions [PDF, 1.1 MB]


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