Key information: Accord teacher-only day 2020

The day will be held in teachers’ own schools

The November Accord teacher-only day will be held in teachers’ own schools, with light-touch facilitation by school staff.

The day has been structured into 6 modules that will be delivered via the Ministry of Education’s Learning Management System in video, PowerPoint and module format.

No planning or content creation is required from schools. All resources you need for the day will be provided by the Ministry.

When further information and resources will be available

Week ending 23 October 2020, schools and kura will receive:

  • a list of resources that the Ministry will be providing for the November Accord teacher-only day
  • a timeline for when each of these resources will be available to schools and kura.

Week ending 30 October 2020, schools and kura will receive:

  • a detailed plan of the Accord teacher-only day structure
  • options for facilitating the day
  • overview of each of the 6 modules
  • PowerPoint slides, notes, resources and training guides.

On 5 November 2020, schools and kura will receive:

  • detailed guides, including LMS logins.

NCEA focus will be relevant to teachers of Years 9-13 students

The Accord teacher-only day in November will focus on the details of the NCEA Change Package, the purpose of the changes, and the progress in the NCEA change journey.

This will be relevant to your senior secondary teachers (Years 11-13). Teachers of Year 9-10 students should also attend to ensure they are familiar with the NCEA Change Package.

Private schools can participate

The materials and resources for the Accord teacher-only day in November will be accessible online and will be available for teachers in private schools and other centres that offer NCEA.

Specific guidance will be sent to private schools and other centres on 28 October 2020. Login details will be provided on 5 November 2020.

Teacher-only day dates decided as part of Accord

The 2020 Accord teacher-only day dates were advised in September 2019 and were decided in collaboration with our Accord partners, the Post Primary Teachers’ Association (PPTA) and NZEI Te Riu Roa.

Schools are expected to participate on the date designated for their education region. For example, if your school is in the Tai Tokerau education region, then your school should attend the Accord teacher-only day for Tai Tokerau on 27 November 2020 (Friday).

All materials will be provided by the Ministry

No formal training is necessary. However, we will provide all the materials, resources and guidelines to support the day prior to the teacher-only day to ensure schools are familiar with the content.

Staff can participate together virtually

Having staff spread across different locations will not be a challenge because all the materials and resources will be accessible online. Staff in your different campuses can participate together virtually on the date designated for your education region.

Contact email address and further information

You can email us at

These Accord teacher-only days will support the implementation of changes to NCEA, and wider strengthening of curriculum, progress and achievement practice. 

Curriculum and assessment teacher-only days

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