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If you want a career with meaning, become a teacher.

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This information supports people to begin teaching in New Zealand schools or early learning services

Studying to be a teacher

Teaching offers you not only a challenging, rewarding career but a chance to share your knowledge and help future generations learn and thrive. New Zealand needs well-qualified, dynamic, and enthusiastic teachers who enjoy working with young people.

Studying to be a teacher – TeachNZ website(external link)

Choosing the right course

There's a huge range of study options available, so look through the options to help you choose a programme that suits you.

Choosing the right course – TeachNZ website(external link)

Financial support and scholarships

There is government financial support for students studying, and TeachNZ has a range of scholarships to help get teachers into areas where they are needed the most.

Scholarships, awards and funding for people working in schools

Studying while employed as a trainee teacher

Employment-based initial teacher education (ITE) aims to attract high calibre students into teaching and give them the skills and knowledge they need to meet the needs of diverse learners.  Under employment-based ITE, teacher trainees are employed by schools as teachers while studying for their teaching qualification, instead of being based in universities.

Studying while employed as a trainee teacher – TeachNZ website(external link)

Teacher Education Refresh Programme

The Teacher Education Refresh (TER) is a Teaching Council programme designed for teachers with limited or no teaching experience since qualifying, or teachers who completed their teacher qualification 6 or more years ago and want to re-register.

Teacher Education Refresh – TeachNZ website(external link)

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