Condition-specific support and advocacy groups

This page contains an A to Z of conditions or health needs and lists the groups that support and advocate for them.


HIV in Aotearoa – Burnett Foundation Aotearoa(external link)

Allergies and anaphylaxis

Reliable information, education and support – Allergy NZ(external link)

Australasian Society of Clinical Immunology and Allergy – ASCIA(external link)


Supporting Kiwis – Asthma and Respiratory Foundation NZ(external link)

Education, training and support – Asthma NZ(external link)

Asthma education – Asthma Australia(external link)

Asthma knowledge – National Asthma Council Australia(external link)

Bleeding disorders

Care, advocacy and support – Haemophilia Foundation NZ(external link)


Support for families – Child Cancer Foundation(external link)

Rangatahi support – Canteen(external link)

Patient support – Leukaemia & Blood Cancer NZ(external link)

Congenital heart disease

Support & connection – Heart Kids NZ(external link)

Hearts fit for life – Heart Foundation(external link)

COVID-19 and long COVID

COVID-19 – Te Mahau(external link)

COVID-19 – Ministry of Health(external link)

COVID-19 – Unite against COVID-19(external link)

Long COVID – Unite against COVID-19(external link)

Cystic fibrosis and lung disorders

Support, advocacy and research – CFNZ(external link)

Diabetes (Type 1 and 2)

Live well with diabetes – Diabetes NZ(external link)

Type 1 diabetes information – As 1 Diabetes(external link)

Head or brain injury

Helping people out – Head Injury Society NZ(external link)

Health (general)

Health information – Ministry of Health(external link)

Health schools

A place to grown and thrive – Northern Health School(external link)

Inspiring quality learning – Central Regional Health School(external link)

Health and wellbeing through learning – Southern Health School(external link)

Kidney disorders

Supporting children with kidney disease – Kidney Kids NZ(external link)

KidsHealth resources and information

KidsHealth is a joint initiative between the Starship Foundation and the Paediatric Society of New Zealand. It has a wide range of useful resources about children’s health conditions and their impact on learning.

Health and wellbeing for tamariki – KidsHealth(external link)

Mental health and wellbeing

5 ways to wellbeing – Mental Health Foundation(external link)

Strengthening Māori health & wellbeing – Te Rau Ora(external link)

Health & wellbeing for Pasifika families – LeVa(external link)

Support & advocacy – Rainbow Youth(external link)

Grief, loss & trauma – Skylight(external link)

Parent support and health needs information

Lifelong support for families – Parent2Parent(external link)

Rare disorders

Support & connect – Rare Disorders NZ(external link)

Seizures and epilepsy

Support & resources – Epilepsy NZ(external link)

Skin diseases

All about the skin – DermNet(external link)

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