Policy to remove the charter school model


Briefing Note: Overview of the Termination of all Charter School Contracts (April 2019) [PDF, 3.6 MB]

Briefing Note: WAI 2770 Kura Hourua (Charter Schools) Claim: Application for Urgency Declined (April 2019) [PDF, 1.2 MB]

Briefing Note: Update on charter schools contract termination negotiations (November 2018) [PDF, 1.4 MB]

Briefing Note: Update on charter school contract termination negotiations (September 2018) [PDF, 3.6 MB]

Cabinet minute (CAB-18-MIN-0220 May 2018) [PDF, 941 KB]

Cabinet Paper: Next Steps with the Transition of Charter Schools (May 2018) [PDF, 6.9 MB]

Education Report: Transitions for Partnership Schools Kura Hourua (May 2018) [PDF, 5.2 MB]

Cabinet minute (CAB-18-MIN-0157 April 2018) [PDF, 1.2 MB]

Cabinet Paper: Update on Charter School Discussions, Next Steps with Transitional Options and a Further Matter (April 2018) [PDF, 5.9 MB]

Education Report: Transition of Partnership Schools Kura Hourua into the State System – Further Advice (March 2018) [PDF, 6 MB]

Charter Schools: Process for Removing the Model and Options for Existing Schools (Feb 2018) [PDF, 2 MB]

Briefing Note: Alternative schooling options and legislative options for partnership schools |kura hourua (Dec 2017) [PDF, 3 MB]

Education Report: Contingency funding in respect of partnership schools | kura hourua (Dec 2017) [PDF, 472 KB]

Education Report: Update on the removal of the partnership school | kura hourua model (Nov 2017) [PDF, 3.5 MB]

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