Equity Index

From January 2023 the Ministry of Education is removing the school decile system as a means of distributing funding. Equity funding will instead be based on the Equity Index. The Equity Index(external link) estimates the extent to which young people face socio-economic barriers to achieving in education.

The table below details advice provided and documents that relate to this work.

Date of paper
Title of paper
METIS/Cabinet ref
September 2019 Replacing Education Deciles with the Equity Index [PDF, 1.3 MB] CAB-19-MIN-0472
October 2018 Removing the Decile Label [PDF, 1.6 MB] N/A [PDF, 1.6 MB]
May 2018 Cabinet paper: Education Funding Review: Proposed New Direction [PDF, 934 KB] CAB-18-MIN-0208
May 2018 Briefing Note: Funding Review - Proposed New Direction [PDF, 518 KB] 1123993
April 2018 Strategy Session: Funding review and insights on Equity and Disadvantage [PDF, 368 KB] 1118528

Some related work had previously been undertaken as part of the Education Funding System Review. That review has now ended as a standalone project. Information on ongoing related work is available here: Education Funding System Review

Earlier papers related to the Education Funding System Review are available at the following two links:

Education Funding System Review - background documents

Education Funding System Review - engagement reports and discussion papers

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