Equity Index

The Ministry of Education is exploring the replacement of the school decile system with an Equity Index. The Equity Index estimates the extent to which children grow up in socio-economically disadvantaged circumstances that we know to be associated with their likelihood of achieving in education. As part of this work the Ministry commissioned an independent report Removing the Decile Label.

The table below details advice provided that relates to this work.

Date of paper
Title of paper
METIS/Cabinet ref
September 2019 Replacing Education Deciles with the Equity Index [PDF, 1.3 MB] CAB-19-MIN-0472
October 2018 Removing the Decile Label [PDF, 1.6 MB] N/A [PDF, 1.6 MB]
May 2018 Cabinet paper: Education Funding Review: Proposed New Direction [PDF, 934 KB] CAB-18-MIN-0208
May 2018 Briefing Note: Funding Review - Proposed New Direction [PDF, 518 KB] 1123993
April 2018 Strategy Session: Funding review and insights on Equity and Disadvantage [PDF, 368 KB] 1118528

Some related work had previously been undertaken as part of the Education Funding System Review. That review has now ended as a standalone project. Information on ongoing related work is available here: Education Funding System Review

Earlier papers related to the Education Funding System Review are available at the following two links:

Education Funding System Review - background documents

Education Funding System Review - engagement reports and discussion papers

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