Independent inquiry into the school property system

The Government has announced a Ministerial inquiry into the Ministry's school property function.

The inquiry will provide advice to the Minister of Education on the efficiency and effectiveness of the property planning and delivery function of the Ministry. It will consider whether the capital spend has been well managed to date and make recommendations for a future approach to property funding, planning and delivery that is sustainable, efficient and effective.

Minister of Education Erica Stanford has announced that former Minister of Foreign Affairs Murray McCully will serve as the lead independent reviewer. Hon McCully will be supported by Tracey Haszard and Mark Binns as independent reviewers.

While the independent inquiry is ongoing, we will continue to progress value for money reviews of current school projects, while continuing to look for more efficient, effective and sustainable ways to provide quality learning spaces and facilities when and where they are most needed.

The independent reviewers will deliver their final report and recommendations to the Government by the end of June 2024.

More information

You can contact the review secretariat at

Read the terms of reference:

Read the Minister of Education’s media release on the Beehive website:

Independent reviewers appointed for school property inquiry – link)

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