Guide to using ENROL

ENROL is a register of student enrolments. It lets schools update enrolments as students enrol, change schools or leave the school system.

All schools must use it.

Withdrawing students

  • Withdrawing an individual student
    • Withdraw an individual student when:

      • the student is no longer attending your school
      • the student has been absent for 20 school days without advising the principal
      • the student is enrolling at another school and ENROL sends you a request to enter their 'Last Day of Attendance'.

      To withdraw a student:

      1. Click 'Find a Student' on the toolbar.
      2. Enter the student details and click 'Find a Student'.
      3. Select the student from the list.
      4. Click 'Withdraw Student'.
      5. Enter their 'Last Day of Attendance'.
      6. Select their 'Leaving Year Level'.
      7. Select the 'Intended Region', 'Leaving Reason' and 'Intended School'.
      8. Tick any 'Teaching & Learning Notes'.
      9. Click 'Next'.
      10. Check the student details and click 'Save'.

      If you're concerned about a student's ongoing attendance and feel they may not enrol at another school, you can start the non-enrolment process.

      To do this follow the process under 'Withdrawing an individual student' above. When you click 'Withdraw Student', tick the box 'Send Non-Enrolment Notification Now'. When you click 'Save', the Non-Enrolment Notification (NEN) form will appear. Fill in the form and click 'Submit'.

  • Correcting enrolment information when a student is withdrawn
    • You can correct enrolment information after you've withdrawn a student but only if the student hasn't enrolled at another school.

      1. Click 'Find a Student' on the toolbar.
      2. Set the School option to 'Not at my school'.
      3. Enter the student's details.
      4. Select the student from the list.
      5. Click 'Edit Enrolment'.
      6. Complete the details on the 'Edit Enrolment' screen.
      7. Click 'Next'.
      8. Confirm the details on the 'Student Details' page and click 'Save'.
  • When a student doesn’t enrol at another school
    • If a student you've withdrawn doesn't enrol at another school within 20 school days, ENROL will create a task, asking you to fill in a Non-Enrolment form (NEN). You must complete this task within 5 days.

      To complete the task, click on the link to the task in ENROL, fill in the NEN and click 'Submit'.