Kei Tua o te Pae

Kei Tua o te Pae/Assessment for Learning: Early Childhood Exemplars is a best-practice guide that will help teachers continue to improve the quality of their teaching.

The exemplars are a series of books that will help teachers to understand and strengthen children's learning. It also shows how children, parents and whānau can contribute to this assessment and ongoing learning.

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Empowerment – Whakamana

"Feedback to children on their learning and development should enhance their sense of themselves as capable people and competent learners."

Te Whāriki, page 30

Sociocultural approaches to assessment:

  • include the children’s viewpoint when possible
  • take account of the powerful influence of assessments on children’s sense of themselves as learners
  • ensure that assessments of children’s learning within a Māori context are situated within a Māori pedagogical framework
  • recognise that assessment is one of the features of a learning community: it influences the quality of children’s engagement in learning.