Summary of Te Hurihanganui: Change Story

We will work alongside communities to support their journey from Te Pō to Te Hurihanganui. Starting with Te Pō, community leaders will strengthen and build reciprocal relationships of mutual trust. They will also build a common base of understanding of kaupapa Māori and critical consciousness to undertake collective planning and action.

The Change Story

Te Pō

Te Pō was a time of unease around existing in darkness. There was potential for change but the atua had to discuss what this could look like and develop a plan for change. Not everyone agreed to the change, but there was sufficient agreement to move towards Te Wehenga.

Te Wehenga

During Te Wehenga the atua put their plans for change into action. This required multiple attempts to separate their parents with each atua having a role. Throughout this time, there was still resistance from some atua. With each attempt, the atua saw a glimpse of the light that could become their new norm – Te Ao Mārama.

Te Ao Mārama

Te Ao Mārama brought a new status quo of light and change. Life in Te Ao Mārama brought new challenges, including the pain that the separation brought Ranginui and Papatūānuku and the ongoing implications of this pain on their children and each other.

Te Hurihanganui

Te Hurihanganui was an act of love to ease the pain of Ranginui and Papatūānuku, but also to maintain the light of Te Ao Mārama. With this action, Te Ao Mārama became more stable, but with the light came the challenges of evolution that are part of Te Ao Hurihuri.

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