Summary of Te Hurihanganui: Evaluation

Te Hurihanganui will include an iterative kaupapa Māori evaluation that will help us understand the transformative shifts and how to build these back into the education system.

The evaluation

The evaluation of Te Hurihanganui will adopt a Kaupapa Māori approach. This legitimises Māori knowledge and experience and shares power in a Mana Ōrite way. This brings together multiple perspectives to stimulate collective action. This approach to evaluation requires a significant level of engagement, capability development and leadership across all co-researchers.
Therefore, evaluation will:

  • Collate the information from all participants as co-researchers
  • Amplify diverse Māori voices and ensure they are prioritised
  • Empower communities to lead the evaluation of Te Hurihanganui


The Framework will also include a method section – the Evaluation Plan – detailing how the evaluators will undertake the evaluation itself. This will include: a detailed timeline over 2020-23, outlining key tasks and deliverables; methods of engagement; a comprehensive list of stakeholders; approach to client management; a risk mitigation table; and so forth.

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