Education Funding System Review engagement reports and discussion papers

The Review of Education Funding Systems has ended.

The following documents provides information from 2016 on the Education Funding Systems Review for 0-18 years.

Advisory Group report

The Advisory Group report is a summary of the views of the 18 sector representatives who were provided comment about the proposed changes to the way the education funding system operates.

Review of Education Funding Systems: Advisory Group Report [PDF, 907 KB]

Regional feedback summary

The Report on Regional Engagement provides a summary of the feedback received from regional engagement sessions held around the country, where sector representatives discussed the funding systems review.

Review of Education Funding Systems: Report on Regional Engagement

Background papers

The following papers summarise each proposal. They were provided to the Advisory Group to help inform their discussions.

Per-Child funding across schooling [DOCX, 872 KB]

Child based funding in ECE [DOCX, 874 KB]

Most at risk of educational under-achievement [DOCX, 934 KB]

Funding to support small schools [DOCX, 871 KB]

Funding for isolation across schooling and ECE [DOCX, 872 KB]

School global budget concept [DOCX, 877 KB]

Property and property-related services [DOCX, 888 KB]

Private school funding [DOCX, 875 KB]

Deloitte report on school expenditure and revenue [DOCX, 1.9 MB]

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