ELI Basics

General information about ELI.

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Common terms

Terms Description
ECE Early Childhood Education
NSN National Student Number
SMS Student Management System
Ministry Ministry of Education

What is ELI

The Early Learning Information (ELI) system is a Ministry information system for ECE that collects and stores information on participation in ECE. ELI data is sent to the Ministry via services using ELI Web, or an SMS. The information collected from early learning services is used for educational monitoring, reporting and research, resourcing, and for the development of new initiatives. 

What is ELI Web

ELI Web is a secure Ministry application for early learning services that do not use an SMS to connect to ELI and meet the ELI data requirements. Information from ELI Web is sent to the Ministry overnight. ELI Web is accessed from applications.education.govt.nz

ELI Web – Applications Education(external link)

What is a student management system (SMS)

An SMS is a non-Ministry information management system used by early learning services to manage children's enrolment data for their service. Early learning services send the required data to the ministry via their SMS.

What is ELI Reports

ELI Reports is a secure Ministry application where all early learning services can access ELI data for their own service(s). Data entered into ELI Web or your SMS is available the next day in ELI Reports. ELI Reports is accessed from applications.education.govt.nz

ELI reports – Applications Education(external link)

The following reports are available:

  • Attendance Report
  • Child's Attendance at Service Report
  • Booking Report
  • National Student Number Report
  • Enrolment Report
  • 20 Hours ECE Report
  • ECE Return Report
  • RS7 Funding Return Report.

Note: children's preferred names will not show in any reports. Reports will show official names only.

Are all early learning services required to use ELI

All eligible early learning services must connect to ELI. These services include licensed Education and Care services, Kindergartens, Playcentres, and Home-based early learning services. We are working with Te Kōhanga Reo National Trust to plan for Kōhanga Reo services to connect to ELI.

Playgroups, Hospital-based, and Casual Education and Care services are currently not required to use ELI to submit enrolment and attendance information to the Ministry.

Do early learning services have to pay to use ELI

There is no cost associated with using ELI Web or ELI Reports. These applications are provided free by the Ministry.

I have questions about ELI, what should I do?

If you have more questions, contact the Resourcing Support team.

Freephone: 0800 ECE ECE (0800 323 323) (NZ only)

Email: eli.queries@education.govt.nz(external link)

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