How ELI Works

Each child enrolled in early childhood education (ECE) is allocated a National Student Number (NSN). Previously, NSNs were allocated to children when they enrolled in primary school. The NSN stays with the child and remains the same throughout their primary, secondary and tertiary education.

The NSN is used to record information about each child’s participation in ECE while protecting their privacy.

Early learning services send information to the Ministry of Education through their Student Management System (SMS) or the secure ELI Web application.

flowchart of ELI process

Early learning services will need an Education Sector Account for the following access:

  National Student Index ELI Web ELI Reports RS7 Return Submitter
ELI Web (No SMS) N/A Required Recommended Required
APT Required N/A Available Required
All other SMS N/A N/A Available N/A 

You can also refer to the Connect to ELI Questions and Answers page for more information.

Connect to ELI

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