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About ELI

The Ministry of Education’s Early Learning Information (ELI) system collects and stores information on enrolment and attendance in early childhood education (ECE) for approximately 200,000 children throughout Aotearoa.

Prior to ELI, information on participation in ECE was collected at an aggregate level once per year.  Through ELI, participation information is collected on an ongoing basis at a child level.  The data is therefore more accurate and timely, which improves the quality of information collected on participation in ECE.  This better information enhances our ability to monitor and forecast ECE expenditure, and design new policies, which is part of an increasing focus on children making a stronger start in their early learning.

Further reading about the ELI System, its benefits and, history can be found in the following sections.

How ELI Works — Ministry of Education

History of ELI — Ministry of Education


Important Information

Important information about the ELI Principles of Use, Privacy of ELI data, ELI Questions and Answers and Resources are available in this sections.

ELI Questions and Answers provide general information about ELI, Connecting to ELI, ELI Data, National Student Numbers (NSNs), Funding (The RS7 Return) and the ECE Census.

ELI Web and ELI Reports are available at applications.education.govt.nz

Education Applications — Ministry of Education Applications(external link)

ELI Questions and Answers — Ministry of Education

ELI Principles of Use — Ministry of Education

ELI Privacy Information — Ministry of Education

ELI Resources — Ministry of Education

Contact ELI

Contact information for the Ministry and resourcing support team can be found in the contacts section

Contact Us — Ministry of Education


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