Talanoa Ako

Parents and families have such an important role in their children’s education. Talanoa Ako is a Pacific parent education programme that aims to help parents, families and communities with the skills, knowledge, and confidence they need to champion their children’s education.

This is achieved over 10 sessions at either the parent-focussed, or parent-and-children-focussed programmes.

Our Ako centres are run by our Talanoa Ako partners (churches, schools, community providers and sports clubs) and are located all over Aotearoa New Zealand with a majority based in Auckland.

What is the difference between the parent-focussed and the parent-and-children-focussed programmes?

The Talanoa Ako parent focussed programme is for parents and adult family members only. The parent and their children focussed programme supports the entire family.

What happens in each of the sessions?

Parents and families will work through the following topics with a teacher:

  • What NCEA is and how they can support their secondary school children to achieve their goals by succeeding in NCEA.
  • Why it is important for their children to do well in reading, mathematics and writing.
  • What careers and vocational pathways are available for their children.
  • How to support their children to choose the right subjects at school that will align them with their future goals.
  • Providing advice on time management and study skills.
  • What to expect at parent-teacher interviews and school reports. What questions to ask teachers.

The remaining sessions are offered as part of the parent and their children focussed programme.

In the secondary school students workshop, there will be:

  • expert subject specific tutoring
  • examination and study tips
  • time management
  • mentoring
  • careers advice
  • support with internal and external assessment preparations.

For year 9 and 10 students who have not yet started NCEA, there will be a focus on goal setting and subject choice to better prepare them for NCEA and future study paths.

For students in primary the sessions will include tutoring, tips for study preparation, and time management.

There will be a space for children under 5 to take part in activities that will support their growth and learning. Qualified and experienced early learning teachers will lead these activities.

If you would like to know more or where to find your nearest Ako Centre, email Talanoa.Ako@education.govt.nz.

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