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Learn about the Community of Learning | Kāhui Ako across schools teacher role.

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This guidance supports Communities of Learning | Kāhui Ako to understand the functions of the across schools teacher. 

About the role 

The purpose of the across schools teacher role is to support improvement in student achievement and wellbeing by strengthening teaching practice.

The role allows teachers to share their skills and knowledge in new ways across their Community of Learning | Kāhui Ako. Teachers learn with and from their colleagues in cycles of inquiry and improvement.


It is up to the leadership of a Community of Learning to determine how an across schools teacher role works with the members.

Teachers appointed to the role are given time and support to develop and encourage the sharing of effective practices that improve educational achievement.

We provide the employing board with:

  • 0.40 FTTE release time (this will appear on the school’s staffing entitlement notice) to allow
  • between 85% and 140% of a rate 1 travel grant and a $750 per year induction and networking allowance are paid as part of the operations grant.

Allowances are made on a pro-rata basis if an appointee is in a role for less than 1 year.

Pre-requisites for the role

Applicants for the across schools teacher role will have:

  • employment as a teacher in the Community of Learning
  • a current practising certificate
  • recent educational leadership experience relevant to the role
  • met professional standards relevant to their current position.

Creating additional across schools teacher roles

Communities of Learning may create up to two additional across schools teacher roles by merging several within school teacher roles.

  • To create 1 role, 3.3 within school teacher roles are merged.
  • To create 2 roles, 6.6 within school teacher roles are merged.

The within school teacher roles are then deducted from the number of these roles that are available to the Community and rounded down to the nearest whole number.

Within school teacher


Any Community of Learning may create these additional roles provided the required within school teacher roles are available and that every member school agrees to the decision.

If you are thinking about creating more across school teacher roles, consider these questions:

  • What is the purpose of creating these roles?
  • How will the extra across schools teacher(s) help you better meet your achievement challenges?
  • Does every school in the Community of Learning agree creating the extra roles?
  • Are there enough within school teacher roles available to merge?
  • Are there any employment related implications?

Appointment term

Across schools teacher roles created by merging within school roles apply for the current year only.

This is because the number of within school teacher roles is recalculated annually and any changes in role allocations will take effect from the start of the following year. 

If your Community of Learning wishes to extend the arrangement beyond one year, consult your Community of Learning lead advisor. 

Implementing your changes 

All member schools must agree to create the new role (or roles). Once agreed, inform your Community of Learning lead advisor.

Your lead advisor will:

  • confirm that you meet the criteria
  • forward the request to our resourcing division for action
  • let you know when the staffing changes have been completed.

Member schools will receive updated staffing notices if their staffing has changed.

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