Secondary Principals' Collective Agreement

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Part Four: Professional Leadership and Annual Performance Review

Secondary Principals' Collective Agreement
Effective: 2 September 2019 to 1 September 2022

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  • 4.1 Performance Agreement
    • 4.1.1

        1. The board shall put in place an annual performance agreement and carry out a review (appraisal) of the principal every year.
        2. The purposes of this process are to ensure the principal is aware of the board’s objectives, assist the principal’s professional learning and development and improve/acknowledge performance (i.e. it is about both accountability and development).
        3. The performance agreement shall reflect the school’s strategic and annual plans and the principal’s job description and shall take into account the professional standards (as appended at the back of this agreement), the preceding year’s review report where relevant and the New Zealand Teachers Council criteria for registration as a teacher.
        4. The performance agreement and review process is an integral part of the professional criteria by which a principal may advance in professional leadership through the career stages of 4.4.
        5. The performance agreement shall be in writing and a signed copy kept by both the board and principal.

      4.1.2 The performance agreement shall be developed in consultation with the principal and it shall detail:

        1. Objectives for that year including relevant professional standards;
        2. A professional learning and development plan for the principal to identify strategies and support (including any agreed resourcing) to enable the principal to carry out his/her responsibilities, meet the objectives and improve professional knowledge and performance; and
        3. The process and criteria, as per 4.2 below, by which the principal’s performance is to be reviewed for that year.


        1. Every endeavour shall be made by the board and principal to reach agreement on a performance agreement that is acceptable to both of them.
        2. Where this has not been achieved the board or the principal may seek professional advice to assist them.
        3. Where a performance agreement acceptable to both parties is not achieved, the decision of the board in relation to the contents of the performance agreement for that year will be final. In such circumstances the principal shall have the right to attach written comments including any professional advice obtained under (b) above and/or noting any objectives that he/she considers unreasonable, to the performance agreement which shall be considered during the review or other proceedings.
  • 4.2 Performance Review
    • 4.2.1

        1. The board will carry out the annual review of the principal’s performance in accordance with the annual performance agreement.
        2. The review is in relation to the objectives in the performance agreement and to professional standards.

      4.2.2 While the board shall retain responsibility for the review it may delegate the management of the process to board member(s). The board or delegated board member(s) may decide to engage, following consultation with the principal, an external reviewer.

      4.2.3 Evidence used in the review should be relevant and should be objective and /or robust.

      4.2.4 The principal will assist the board to conduct any review under this clause and in particular will give to the board such information as the board requires to carry out the review.


        1. The board will, in consultation with the principal, prepare a final report based on the review.
        2. The principal shall have the opportunity to comment on the final report, but is not obliged to do so.
  • 4.3 Working Relationship
    • 4.3.1 Where there is a problem in the working relationship between the principal and the board (including individual board members) that has not been informally resolved and is to the detriment of the school, consideration shall be given to appointing a mutually agreed and suitably qualified independent person to facilitate or mediate between the parties and/or undertake an impartial and objective assessment of the concern(s).

      4.3.2 Both the board and the principal retain the right to choose to utilise Part Eleven of this agreement to resolve any issues arising from their working relationship.

  • 4.4 Secondary Principals’ Career Structure
        1. This clause outlines a career progression for secondary principals who meet the professional criteria as affirmed by their board and the service criteria. Payments made under this clause are to encourage and recognise individual professional growth, leadership and contribution of a secondary principal.
        2. Provided that the principal has entered into a performance agreement and undertaken an annual review as in clauses 2.1.2 and 4.1 within the last 12 months, principals covered by this collective agreement will be entitled to a career allowance based on clauses 4.4(c) – (j) and the following service and professional criteria:
      StageService criteriaProfessional criteria
      1 - Initial principalship Minimum of 3 years continuous service as a principal in a New Zealand State or State Integrated Secondary School
      • Meeting the requirements of the performance review/agreement (as in clause 4.1 and 4.2)
      • Completion of the First Time Principals’ Programme (or similar)
      • Participation in a professional learning and development plan which may involve (but is not limited to) mentoring, professional supervision, study or a professional learning and development project aligned with school goals.
      2 - Experienced principal Minimum of 6 years continuous service as a principal in a New Zealand State or State Integrated Secondary School
      • Meeting the requirements of the performance review/agreement (as in clause 4.1 and 4.2)
      • Participation in a professional learning and development plan that demonstrates professional growth, including pedagogical leadership. This could be through further tertiary study/qualifications, a sabbatical project or professional learning project in own school context.
      3 - Leading principal Minimum of 9 years continuous service as a principal in a New Zealand State or State Integrated Secondary School
      • Meeting the requirements of the experience principal (as above)
      • Contribution to or leadership of a learning or professional community that contributes to the wider education sector.
        1. The board of trustees is responsible for affirming that the principal meets the professional criteria, after which one of the following career allowances shall be made and will be paid fortnightly. A principal can only receive one payment under 4.4(d) at any one time.
        2. From the dates outlined below, the annual career allowances for a secondary principal who meets the service and professional criteria will apply as follows:
      StageRate prior to 2 May 2016Rate effective
      2 May 2016
      Rate effective
      2 May 2017
      Rate effective
      2 May 2018
      1 - Initial principalship $3,500 $3,570 $3,641 $3,714
      2 - Experienced principal $7,000 $7,140 $7,283 $7,428
      3 - Leading principal $10,500 $10,710 $10,924 $11,143
        1. For the purposes of this clause continuous service is not broken by a gap in principalship of up to three years. Service as a principal in a New Zealand State or State Integrated area school shall be included in the calculation of service under the service criteria, provided that at the time of applying the principal has completed at least a year in a New Zealand State or State Integrated secondary school.
        2. Service will not be counted for periods of time spent:
            1. On leave without pay;
            2. On secondment (other than as a principal in another school);
            3. As supernumerary in a teaching role;
            4. As a relief or acting principal (except where the acting or relief principal moves directly to a substantive principal role).
        3. When there is a break of more than three years service before reappointment as a secondary principal, previous experience as a principal shall be credited as one half year of service for each complete year of principalship (that would otherwise be eligible as service for this allowance), allowing the principal the possibility of moving directly to any of the three career stages providing she/he meets the relevant professional criteria, provided that:
            1. At the time of eligibility she/he has completed one year in their current position;
            2. That while they were on the break for three years or more the principal consistently maintained their teacher registration;