Primary Teachers' Collective Agreement

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Primary Teachers' Collective Agreement 2023–2025 [PDF, 1.1 MB]

Speech-language therapists who are covered by the Therapists' Pay Equity Claim Settlement have additional terms and conditions not reflected in the PTCA:

Employment information for Speech-Language Therapists [PDF, 232 KB]

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Changes to the agreement

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Changes to the Primary Teachers’ Collective Agreement 2023-25

Appendix 8: Elements from Previous Settlements

Primary Teachers' Collective Agreement
Effective: 3 July 2023 to 2 July 2025

1. Transfers and Removals

The parties acknowledge that the intent of clause 6.6 is that reimbursements will be made for costs in relation to the sale and purchase of the teachers’ primary place of residence and not for holiday homes or investment properties but note that, in giving effect to the intention of the clause, consideration may be given to an individual teacher’s circumstances.

2. Professional Standards

The parties acknowledge that the professional standards used for the purpose of pay progression agreed to as part of this agreement are interim standards. The parties also acknowledge that the development of a set of standards for teachers could be achieved by the Teaching Council. The parties agree that it is desirable in the medium term for there to be a single set of standards for teachers. Therefore the parties agree to work co-operatively to review and if necessary to revise the standards in the agreement to ensure that the standards in the agreement are wherever possible consistent with any standards subsequently developed.