Primary Teachers' Collective Agreement

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Primary Teachers' Collective Agreement 2023–2025 [PDF, 1.1 MB]

Speech-language therapists who are covered by the Therapists' Pay Equity Claim Settlement have additional terms and conditions not reflected in the PTCA:

Employment information for Speech-Language Therapists [PDF, 232 KB]

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Changes to the agreement

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Changes to the Primary Teachers’ Collective Agreement 2023-25

Part 5: Reimbursing Allowances

Primary Teachers' Collective Agreement
Effective: 3 July 2023 to 2 July 2025

  • 5.1 General
    • Before approving any activities which require the payment or reimbursement of expenses the employer shall ensure that such payment or reimbursement complies with any funding arrangements applying to the school.

  • 5.2 Travelling Allowance
    • An employee, other than a Te Aho o Te Kura Pounamu employee, required to travel within New Zealand on official business for an absence of more than one day, including attendance at approved staff development courses, educational and sports tours shall be paid a travelling allowance as follows:

        1. Accommodation/meals - reimbursement of costs on an actual and reasonable basis;
        2. A daily incidentals allowance of $7.36.
  • 5.3 School Camp Allowance
    • A daily allowance of $25.00 is payable to employees, other than Te Aho o Te Kura Pounamu employees, in charge of a class or classes attending a school camp.

  • 5.4 Evening Meal Allowance
    • In circumstances where an employee's attendance at a meeting prevents the employee concerned returning home for the normal evening meal, a meal allowance of $11.56 is payable.

  • 5.5 Transport Allowance for Relieving Employees
    • Relieving employees in short term positions appointed for a period of up to one term shall be granted assistance towards their daily travelling expenses to and from school as follows:

        1. If public transport is not available, the employee shall be paid a motor vehicle allowance at the rate of 37c per km for a car and 16c per km for a motorcycle for the distance involved less the first ten kilometres each day; or
        2. If public transport is available, the cost of fares for the full distance involved shall be refunded to the employee except when the principal or head teacher of the school deems public transport to be unsuitable or the employer requires the employee to travel by private vehicle in which cases a motor vehicle allowance shall be paid to the employee.
  • 5.7 Miscellaneous Expenses
    • On the production of receipts, the employer shall reimburse actual and reasonable expenses which have been incurred in the proper performance of the employee’s responsibilities and duties under this Agreement provided that the employee had the prior approval of the employer to both the duties which resulted in the expenses being incurred and the level of those expenses.